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Specialised in designing creative boutique eCommerce

Executing all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off.

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Diligent Commerce



Customisation, personalisation and implementation.

Specialised in reskinning and migrating Magento 
and Shopify e-commerce websites for fashion,
luxury & lifestyle brands.

From designs systems to content and transactional pages, emails, third party integration, etc.

Kipling - Diligent Commerce

Diligent Commerce

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Supporting luxury fashion
& lifestyle brands to expand horizons to the Asia market. 

Creating high-fidelity prototype proposals to allow brands to increment engagement with the youngest generation of consumers, to buy directly from social media channels like Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, etc.


Boden Style Guide

Diligent Commerce

Make the most of your team time and site opportunities by...

Guiding brands identifying opportunities to make the most impact, so teams can focus on high-value activities to action changes within an agile fast pace sprint.

Observing measurement metric improvements for those poorly performed pages such as boosting engagement rate, increment of total revenue generated by users who landed and interacted with the page,  reducing exit and bounce rate, etc.

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