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User Experience Specialist

Following UX methodologies my aim is to better understand your user's wants and needs, identify issues, failures and opportunities to succeed in delivering a consistent-personalised experience across the whole customer journey.

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Certified Designer

I create products that follow well-known design principles such as The Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design by Ben Shneiderman's, the Ten User Interface Guidelines by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich’s, Designing with the Mind in Mind by Jeff Johnson, which helped me to make a difference in my approach. 


Conversation rate optimisation

Test Programme

Giving users a sense
of control over the interface

When users make mistakes they should be equipped with tools that allow them to revert back to previous states:

Allowing users to 'undo' and 'redo' actions maintains their sense of control and ensures they are aware of any changes to the system.

The Design Solution:

We observed a significant reduction in click recurrence over the filter button from 4.89 down to nearly 2. 

Control Design

Variation Design

Elise Cuthbertson, Head of CX at Constentsquare 

"We had the pleasure of having Dunia speak and share her UI/UX knowledge specifically around testing and optimisation at one of Contentsquare´s Client Club.

Her enthusiasm when discussing these topics is contagious and it´s clear that Dunia is a very impressive UI/UX Designer that goes above and beyond to create incredible and inclusive digital user experiences!"


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Please bear in mind this site is under construction. 

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